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Swimming - day 4

Managed two sets of six lengths each swimming in my own way, plus a few lengths up and down while breathing out underwater, trying to concentrate on technique. It's the maintaining reasonable style while managing breathing at the same time that I struggle with.

Technique still needs work, endurance is getting there, more practice and then some coaching should do it.

Running on

I decided to see whether my knee was just stiffening up or anything more serious. This test was by going for my current training run (3 sets of 12 mins running, 1 min walking).

The good news - I got around, and hardly noticed my knee. Except during the walking bits! I certainly felt it when walking home from my run, but after coming home, doing my stretches, taking a warm shower, it doesn't feel any worse than it did before.

Not quite sure whether to carry on like this, and do some strength training to protect the knee, or to go see a sports physio, or even a gait analyst. My shoes do have a funny wear pattern (just one side of the heel).

Swimming - day 3

I still don't seem to *like* swimming that much! I am improving, however, I managed possibly 5 lengths in one go, but definitely two sets of at least 4 lengths! I am trying to improve my stroke technique, my breathing, and my kicking, although rarely managing all three at the same time!
I think it's the breathing that I'm struggling with most, and the pacing - I seem to start off flailing like a windmill, knacker myself out, move my arms more slowly as a result and then be swimming more efficiently and easily. I should remember to start like that!
My second set of 4x25m was done in 2m35. I'm pretty sure that's damn slow!
I know my positioning isn't great because I'm still struggling with exhaling underwater, so my head tends to be above water far more than it should be. However, I will persevere, and I will get better!
Things to consider:
Swimming lessons!
Nose clip?
Paddles? Fins? Floats? (I think they'd be useful for drills *after* the lessons!)


I've had some issues with my knee feeling stiff while playing badminton, and have noticed that it can get a bit sore after longer runs, particularly on pavement. However, I'd been managing that by trying to minimise time on concrete, and stretching before and after a run.

What I didn't realise was that walking 5 odd miles from Battersea Power Station to Putney along the river in my walking boots would make my knee stiffer than ever, and because I didn't realise, I didn't stretch afterwards.

Upshot is, rest from running for the next couple of days, and into the pool. I could go out on my new bike, but I need shoes and cleats etc. first.

Swimming - day 2

My second go at swimming this week. Some progress was made - I swam for a bit with my face in the water, breathing out underwater, and turning my head to breathe in. Occasionally I got the timing of this wrong and inhaled water. This had the side effect of making me keep my head above water, which is bad form! I also tried to remember to push my arms into the water at an angle, rather than flop them in at the end of a windmill cycle. I may have forgotten to kick in all of this. Too many things to remember at once.
Ah well, I managed three consecutive lengths, twice, and several double lengths, and some singles. I also tried to sink to the bottom of the pool, but am too buoyant. I suspect breathing out might help, but then I want to breathe in, and then I might drown!

Triathlon - in the beginning

I am a total novice to triathlon. While I've run in the past, and cycled in the past, and even swum in the past, I certainly currently lack the endurance to do all three in one go.
My weakest discipline. I currently struggle to do a length. I went swimming in the pool today for the first time in many years. I managed several lengths. None consecutively.
I can manage a few miles on a bike. I need to work on high cadence - my school of thought until recently was that you should go in the highest gear you could - this really isn't good strategy for endurance!
I've just finished Week 5 of the Runner's World Beginners Plan. So I'm managing to do 24 minutes running in 30. My last run was a worry, as I managed to do 5km exactly in 30 mins.
I've entered the Royal Parks Half Marathon on October 12. I'd love to do it in under 2 hours. However, that is predicted by a 26 min 5K, so there's some work to do.

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