Long run to Teddington Lock and back a bit.

I was hoping to do 16km out, 16km back. Conditions were not in my favour (I don't really get on with running in the heat), and there are probably some lessons for the marathon itself - I was dehydrated with no easy way of fixing this, I didn't take any nutrition. Also the river at Richmond was packed - obviously the marathon will be too but at least they'll be heading in the same vague direction with fewer bikes and pushchairs. I realised I was fairly beat at the turnaround point and hoped to make it back to Richmond to refuel - however, I flagged before that far, and a stop at a public toilets to wash my face, dampen my scalp and sip some water didn't seem to be enough. By this point my achilles was making its presence known so I called it a day soon after as I realised I didn't even have the energy to fight through the crowds a second time. I caught the tube back from Richmond (I had realised I might need to do this so had my oyster card).

There are some reasonable excuses for my poor performance - I haven't run in two weeks, trying to recover my achilles, and have been skiing the last week - which meant poor nutrition and hydration (i.e. great food and drink, just not for athletics) and destruction of quads and calves - and have picked up a minor cold further decreasing hydration and probably energy. I expect to have the latter two issues go away shortly, and then it's just a case of minimising impact to achilles by shorter runs and more cross training.

Next time, I'll take some gels and plan a route that involves a hydration stop or three. On the day that will be less of a problem!



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